Mediation is a dispute-resolution procedure, the purpose of which is to help the parties to resolve their dispute peacefully, through intervention of one or several mediators. If compared to trial, mediation is shorter, more flexible and effective. It is an often case encountered in practice when it is possible to avoid litigation, conflicts and long trial with the help of mediation. It should be noted that sometimes the mediation procedure is compulsory before the judicial proceedings (for example, in family matters). The situation is resolved with the help of third person – mediator, who uses dialogue to help the parties to reach a mutually beneficial solution.

  • We provide the mediator’s services in the area of family law;
  • We provide the mediator’s services in judicial and pre-trial disputes of criminal, labour, contract and administrative law;
  • We represent the client’s interests during the entire mediation procedure and at court;
  • We draft the peaceful settlement agreements in the course of mediation and submit them to court.