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We go deep into the problems, provide their legal assessment, identify possible risk, and give advice, how to avoid or reduce it.

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We will also come to an agreement about pricing applied to work with you. The price for the first meeting is usually fixed, whereas fixed fee or hourly rate is applied after the contract for legal services is signed. Their amount shall be agreed upon individually.


The services provided by the law firm are based on legal knowledge and experience in the area of lawyer’s activities. The firm’s team endeavour at continuous qualification improvement and development of professional skills.


Raimonda Lazauskienė


Our goal is to provide legal services that satisfy top quality standards, to cooperate with our clients in all the aspects, and to meet their expectations at most

Legal work experience of more than 15 years obliges us to reach the following goals:

to provide legal services that satisfy top quality standards, to cooperate with our clients in all the aspects, to meet their expectations at most with regard to enforcement of human rights, and to defend and restore the violated principles of justice and proportionality for natural persons and business entities as our clients. We provide legal aid and services in the entire Republic of Lithuania, as well as beyond its limits, as much as it is related to the Lithuanian law.

We always provide legal analysis during the consultation, assess possible hazards and give advice, how to reduce them. We attempt to give advice that would be completely clear to the Client. We are forming long-term relations with our Clients that would be based on mutual trust in our services and professionalism, commitment to our work and maximal going into the needs of the Clients. Therefore, we are reliable and long-term partners. We will put all the efforts to achieve the best possible result to our Clients!

Fields of practice

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Administrative Law

Family Law

Business Law

Succession Law

Financial and Tax Law

Law of Obligations

In Rem Law

Labour Law

Transport Law

Real Estate Law

Bankruptcy Law

Insurance Law


Žemyna Lekečinskaitė


Long work experience and continuous qualification improvement allow us providing professional legal services of wide scope in various branches of law: criminal, civil, labour, administrative, etc. We use experience we have gained and our qualification to consult the clients, to draft contracts and other procedural documents (claims, counterclaims, replications, duplications, triplications, separate complaints, appeals, cassation appeals, peace agreements, etc.), to represent our clients in negotiations, pretrial disputes and in court. Everyone may encounter legal problems, the solution of which demands for specific skills. So, let us assess the situation professionally and we will make sure that the best possible solution of your problem is offered.

Fields of services


Judicial disputes


Pretrial disputes


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The price is coordinated with the lawyer and depends on the consultation’s (written and oral) complexity and scope.

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